Emergency Roof Repair Nanaimo, Mid-Vancouver Island

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We depend on our roofs to protect our homes and everyone and everything inside of it. If you are ever in need to Emergency Roof Repair in Nanaimo or anywhere on Mid-Vancouver Island, Allterrain Roofing is here for you. With recent major storm events hitting Vancouver Island with more frequency, it’s important you act quickly to prevent further more costly …

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Prevent problems, increase performance with proper roof maintenance

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“A roof system is arguably the most vulnerable part of a building’s exterior. Ultraviolet radiation, wind, rain, hail, snow, and sleet all affect a roof system’s performance. Performance is based on good design, quality materials, proper installation, and a preventive-maintenance program. Roof maintenance is critical to preventing roof problems and keeping the roof in watertight condition. Early identification and repair …

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Roof maintenance tips – prevent leaks & damage

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Basic maintenance can help extend the quality and lifespan of your roof. When was the last time you examined your roof? Most homeowners rarely think about it unless there’s clear damage or it begins to leak. Keeping your roof well maintained can help prevent water, wind and snow damage, and prevents damage to your roof deck and attic from slow …